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ADHD Entertainment takes great pride in bringing you Robert Henriksen’s innovative photography. As the corporation as a whole prides itself in retaining the vintage beauty and mystery of the past while taking full advantage of the digital age and the vital needs of the present, Henriksen’s photography fits neatly into this concept. His portfolio contains the historic poignancy of crumbling homes and swinging street signs, the powerful symbolism of nature, and the vintage fashions of the past met with the honest humanism that could be America’s future in modeling.
First, the past: Henriksen and ADHD Entertainment are based in historic upstate New York, an area of our country that is drenched in history, dating back to the days of the American Revolution. Many of Henriksen’s photographs capture the fading memories of those times, and others…the tiny specks of history remaining in old water towers and rusty manhole covers, the sites where soldiers camped during the harsh and frigid winters of the Revolutionary War. As the remarkable events that shaped our nation move further into the past, it becomes more urgent that they are documented with the dignity and intricacy that Henriksen’s photography offers.
The present and the past…Henriksen takes extraordinary nature photos that capture the small microcosms that are so prevalent in nature. When you see a budding flower encased in ice, stopped from completing its journey into fullness, or a small turtle trying with all its might to cross a road or stream, you begin to realize that these tiny symbols of our day-to-day struggles are present all around us…but because of our fast-paced Western lifestyle, we don’t see them. Just as we often snap to judgment and forget that our fellow human beings toil as we do, we forget that there are signs of wonder and magic every where we turn. Henriksen’s photography will make the beholder curious as to why we so often forget about the small miracles that represent us so remarkably well.
The past, the present, and finally the future…Robert Henriksen’s fashion photography is the epitome of the way in which the glamour and mystique of the past can and will be met with the innovative artistry of the future. While the vintage fashions and styles of the past are represented strongly in his work, the expression and humor exhibited by his models calls for a new movement in fashion photography. Gone are the days of the stone-faced, detached, unattainable fashion models…these new photographs use the incredible expressiveness of the human face to match mood, humor and personality with the style of clothing being displayed. The subject, rather than being a mere mannequin to display clothing, becomes central to the photo, exploring how the average American should be able to relate the images to those in their everyday lives…that they should be able to see a model who represents them, their colleagues, their families and their friends.
Robert Henriksen truly takes photography to a new level of expression and innovation. His portfolio is incredibly diverse, and he is able to handle everything from small, obscure shapes to sweeping, widespread landscapes. He understands symbolism and detail in a way that truly sets him above all others, and his photography is indicative of a promising future in both art and publishing. links to some of my work are are the top or side bar

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