Comic Conn at the Marriott in Trumbull CT 2013

more pics can be found on my facebook site Promotions It seems the more I write about comic conventions, the more I find to write about. This started off as a three-article series: comics, cons and cosplay; it has turned into a twenty-article series, this one being about the promotion of the comic cons. Being […]

Candids @ Conneticon

 Photographers Candids  We all go to the cons for different reasons, such as to photograph. Some people like to photograph the stars and the best-looking people, and then they hand them the business card and inform them that they can go to their website and buy the picture at a later time if they want–that’s […]

Wayne NJ Toy Show 2013

Collectibles, Photographs, and Memories As I troll the floors of the collectible convention in Wayne NJ,  Put on by Toys on the Hudson, I’m taking pictures mentally because there is so much for my mind to absorb. It’s more than one mind can handle, looking at everything that’s on the shelves, tables and walls…I need to take […]

NYCC 2013 Thursday

Back in The Day Comics, Costumes, and Convention:  This is a series on the phenomenon of the coming of the age of comic books.  Though the comic book has been around for close to 100 years, it’s now reaching another apex due to today’s technology.  It’s now a multibillion dollar industry. Over the past 20 […]

NYCC 2013 Friday

Through the Lens As I look through the lens of my camera, I see the faces of comic superheroes and villains, such as Thor, Batman, The Riddler, The Joker, and many more.  On this day, however, which is (Con Day), it’s not only about the characters.  It’s more about the people behind the characters they […]

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