ADHD Entertainment YOU CAN SEE ABOUT 50 OF MY NEW PHOTO MUSIC VIDEOS ON MY YOUTUBE STATION BY CLICKING HERE   ADHD Entertainment, LLC is a new, up and coming entertainment organization that has already, with its well-developed Internet presence, drawn tens of millions of hits to its many websites.  ADHD Entertainment incorporates a myriad […]

B-Rock Distributors Blurb

VISIT B-ROCK HERE   ADHD Entertainment takes extraordinary pride in submitting the album Bipolar Disorder for your consideration for distribution purposes.  This album was recorded by a breakout, up-and-coming, innovative hip-hop artist by the name of B-Rock.  From the first track, which boasts of his being the best MC of them all, to the last […]


ADHD Entertainment continually strives to bridge the gaps between demographics and provide quality entertainment to people of all ages.  To this end, we are very pleased to present to you “Little Flower,” a beautiful nature video that is appropriate and engaging for both children and adults.   The original song is uncomplicated enough for small children […]


            From Archie Bunker in “All in the Family” to Doug Heffernan in “King of Queens,” the story of an everyday, hard-working man and his common struggle is usually the foolproof formula for laughs.  However, sitcoms such as the aforementioned usually take place in New York City or on Long Island, or in another famous […]


Continuing in its never-ending effort to provide quality entertainment for a demographically diverse audience, ADHD Entertainment is very proud to present you with WADHD Radio.  This radio station would actually be more accurately described as a group of radio stations, as there will be at least ten channels to choose from when WADHD Radio is […]

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