ADHD Entertainment takes extraordinary pride in submitting the album Bipolar Disorder for your consideration for distribution purposes. This album was recorded by a breakout, up-and-coming, innovative hip-hop artist by the name of B-Rock. From the first track, which boasts of his being the best MC of them all, to the last track—which gives a warning to his predecessors in rap that their time is up; their game is over—this album is gutsy, unique and memorable. There’s a new boy in town and his name is B-Rock. Despite his lack of performing experience due to having spent his childhood in a small town hamlet in upstate New York with few opportunities, this young rapper has the skills of a veteran is so many ways. His brutally honest lyrics bring you inside the adversity he has faced and the pain he’s experienced to an extraordinary degree, with raw emotion and unique perspective. This precocious rapper is new to the scene but has spent time in the recording studio since he was a young teenager, and he comes across as polished as any professional on the Top 40.
Bipolar Disorder is a bridge between a past and a future, a journey through dark times and an ultimately optimistic declaration that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This album contains some harsh imagery as well it should, to combat any inclination to think that he’s exaggerating his situation. However, woven through said imagery is a strong will to survive and hope for the future, a reaching out to those suffering from similar circumstances, a leading by example. This album, when heard at the right time, could serve as a guiding light for other young men and women who feel lost and alone. Even if the listener previously could not relate to such experiences, this album is sure to make it easier to walk in another person’s shoes, and to increase the empathy of all who hear it. The positive message that one takes away from this album is so potent, it may revolutionize the direction—certainly the perception—of hip-hop.
This album is also fully appropriate for entertainment alone, and provides a perfect soundtrack to clubs, bars and parties. The songs are unique; they have magnetic beats and a very distinctive sound that sets B-Rock apart from other hip-hop artists. B-Rock has also, through his work with ADHD Entertainment, acquired a significant web following and his website has garnered tens of millions of hits; he is a hit on MySpace. His fashion line is well underway, with twenty tee shirts displaying quotes from his songs already developed and available for purchase. This urban line will expand to include more tee shirt designs, as well as polos, hats and athletic ensembles, cologne and perfume. There are completed scripts for several music videos for the songs on the album, and there is also a secondary release: an enhanced CD with lyrics, ring tones and links to the web site. This artist is diverse, polished, powerful and ready for the spotlight. His Internet following is devoted and enthusiastic, and they will follow him through all of his endeavors. “B-Rock’s the name; rap will never be the same.”