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The Dis-reality Show with B Rock Teaser …

1 of the new Teasers for The Dis-reality Show with B-rock.coming soon ..first episode 2016 (over 60 episodes) .SUBSCRIBE and witness 10 years of a life & 5 CDs of great music that made B-rock the rapper he is today. Hear The Pain-See The Drama… more at ..

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ComiConn @ Webster Bank Arena CT

A First Render draft of the Connecticut ComiCONN “A Show for the Fans by the Fans!” Commercial ,Comiconn is being held in Bridgeport CT August the Webster Bank Arena…lots of great stuff going on (A Show For the Fans By The Fans) —

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Wayne NJ Toy Show 2013

Collectibles, Photographs and Memories

 As I troll the floors of the collectible convention in Wayne NJ,  Put on by Toys on the Hudson, I’m taking pictures mentally because there is so much for my mind to absorb. It’s more than one mind can handle, looking at everything that’s on the shelves, tables and walls…I need to take it in as I walk around the floor, getting a mental picture to make an attack plan…meaning, how I will spend the next four or more hours, going through everything there to get the most out of my time.

Every time I walk down an aisle, I see something different. So, what I do is I document whatever is there with video first, and then I come back and take pictures. When I get home, I’ll be able to recall a lot more of stuff that’s there.

While I am going through the aisles, it brings back so many memories of my youth–not only of a place but a time, and maybe who I was with at that time in my life: friends, family, girls, or person that got that particular item for me…and so on. Depending on what I’m looking at, it triggers different memories in my mind. I could be looking at collectibles from the kitchen and it will trigger memories of my mom and stuff we had around the house and kitchen, all the dinners we use to cook together, using some of the vintage items. I used to collect records. My favorite bands are The Beatles and KISS; I see a lot of those things and I’m always learning something new about them.

Even with stuff that is obscure, like stickers or iron on/sew on patches, toy truck, the toy I wanted and never got…I can recall playing with certain people in my early childhood, depending on what’s there. Some of the stuff will allow me to recall my teenage years. Even the newer toys from within the past twenty years will trigger memories I have with my kids when they were growing up, and of TV shows we watched. So depending on what it is that I am looking at, it’s triggering different memories in my mind, and that is another good thing the collectible industry does.

Not only do collectibles trigger stuff in your mind, they trigger memories that come rushing back to you that you may have forgotten. They will allow you to reclaim part of the past. So even if you don’t care for or feel the need to buy any collectibles, attend just once and see the positive effect it will have on you, just like visiting an old friend; when you go to one of these shows you’re taking a trip down memory lane, your own memory lane, consisting of whatever memories any of these items trigger in your mind —as you walk the aisles of a collectible show in Wayne NJ,  Put on by Toys on the Hudson if your in the area its well worth the drive. CLICK on the link and visit them on Facebook and keep up to date on their next show. Toy Con NJ  June 28 29 and Oct 18 19. 2014  TOYCONNJ

This is one article in a 20 part series called Comics, Cosplay and Conventions, that I will be releasing over the next few months…

You can find me on Facebook, where you can keep up to date on all my multi media projects including my new Book “The Park Slopian”. Or my newest Venture

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Connecti Con Covention Cosplay Pics HEROES

Connecti Con Covention Cosplay Pics HEROES

There are certain rules to every convention; some are common sense. You will notice I am placing an emphasis on deodorant. I’m convinced that most people do follow the rules, but don’t know the rules, or didn’t know that there are rules…but common sense should apply. Some of the rules are also more of a courtesy to others; here are a few:

1. Bring deodorant. This is probably the biggest thing. You have thousands of people walking all day long, and people do perspire different ways for many different reasons. I know we all are clean when we head out the door to the con…but you worked up a sweat just getting there, and again, some people sweat more than others. So my advice is to take a stick of deodorant and, during the day, make a mental note to use it; with all the running around, and the fact that you’re used to your own smell and you may not smell yourself–trust me, others will, just like you’ll be able to smell them. We’re immune to our own odor when we are in a crowd, and we may not sweat as much as the next person…but after walking around in those costumes all day, we do. And I am addressing both sexes…

When I go to the cons, I only go to take pictures, but walking around for hours does take its toll on me. When I start to smell myself, I grab the stick and give myself a coating. People also need to remember: these conventions aren’t for you and you alone; some people walk around stinking and either don’t smell themselves, or just don’t care…those are the people that make these conventions a nightmare while others are gagging. So out of common courtesy, if you are going to a con this is the most important thing you can do for everyone as well as yourself.

Most promoters and cons won’t say it outright because they don’t want to offend anyone, but really: if you know you have a perspiration problem, it’s a must–and walking around in heavy costumes doesn’t help.

2. Take lots of breath mints with you. You should also bring gum as well. I’d rather smell a breath mint than bad breath, wouldn’t you?

3. Have all IDs and necessary papers ready so as not to hold up lines.

4. Don’t pose in doorways even if someone stops you there. Go over to the side.

5. Don’t pose in the middle of an aisle; there is moving traffic–don’t want to cause a con accident, do ya?

6. At the snack line, don’t wait until you get up there to try and figure out what you want. Know what you want and have two alternatives, because most of the time they are sold out…and the wait is long enough.

7. Check all of your props so you are not disappointed when they won’t let you in.

8. Strollers. You know some people still try to walk around the convention with strollers?

Now, that definitely isn’t a good idea for many reasons. One, it intrudes on everyone else in the walkway when you’re trying to walk through the convention. If someone happens to fall on that kid in the stroller, they are gonna feel bad, you’re gonna be mad, the hotel is gonna be sued for liability, and the event producers will say: how did that slip by me? Why didn’t I have that on the list? Again, that should be an obvious factor of being a parent, but a lot of people are dumb, period. Where in their minds would they think that? Oh, it’s okay to bring a baby into a packed convention…it isn’t, for all of the obvious reasons stated above. And above all, I’m sure that if they missed all the obvious things, they also think they’re the only people in the world who matter. And I am speaking from experience, having just attended a con and having seen this lady try to push her son or daughter through a crowd of people who were looking for comics, kids and adults, and she was making faces like, “You guys are intruding on me.” Well, lady, this isn’t the place for you to be…as a parent, you should know that this is not a safe place to be pushing a baby carriage with a one- or two-year old infant. It increases the likelihood of not only intruding on people’s space because you’re trying to weasel your way through the space, and of having someone fall on your kid, which wouldn’t make there day great, either. So for those who attempt to do this, it’s not a bright idea.

Well, you know, I just mentioned the five or six things that could go wrong if someone violates one of those rules. Again, certain conventions are specifically tailor-made to push certain things—sure, they’re family events, but family events do get crowded, and if your kid can’t walk the aisles by themselves or is not big enough to shuffle through the crowd, then they should not be there.

9. Leave ego and attitude at home; this is not about you. This is for everyone who wants to have fun…

Every convention needs to be nurtured and tailored to fit the growing pains; you can’t plan for everything, so you take what you learn and apply it to next year’s convention. Again, you can’t prepare for everything. It’s always different, because when it’s held at different locations it brings different problems, and when you hold conventions at different places constantly, you will always run into this. I, myself, have to learn the location whenever I go in order to make the experience better, just as they learn the ropes and they have that checklist of the dos and don’ts of their particular con. And most of the stuff should be obvious, but I will post this list to make sure that everyone has a better time–because that is the main purpose of the comic convention, or any convention for that matter. It’s to have a fun time. And adhere to these basic rules

This is one article in a 20 part series called Comics, Cosplay and Conventions, that I will be releasing over the next few months…

You can find me on Facebook, where you can keep up to date on all my multi media projects including my new Book “The Park Slopian”.


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