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22 Apr


This has alway been a side project to create a music review Blog in my entertainment portal, the blog is mainly about local music, Now that i got  all my other 50 sites up an running..and get lots of traffic (10 Million hits a year or more) I can restart this..if anyone would like to post a review of a band ..or a show that they saw. you can post it here as a comment and i will post it as a POST or review by (YOU)… if you are a writer and would like to send me stuff I would also post that…..I am looking for a writer for this blog..and I am working on getting press passes to clubs and venues in the area as well as NYC.  I want to spread the word about bands in the area…SO IF YOU ARE INTERESTED  I can get you into these clubs and all I want is a review in return ..maybe some interviews, picture and videos  to kick start this blog…..join and comment on this page or email @ info@adhdrecords.com ,,,

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